Corso Vittorio Emanuele
II 88

The Gerla’s Cafeteria 1927 of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 88 makes its location and the constant research of original quality its strong points. Each day, 25 varieties of fresh, handmade with the best ingredients, brioches are made by the big Gerla’s laboratories.

Lavazza’s Coffee blends, a wide selection of teas and infusion accompany the delicious pastries for the perfect breakfast, lunch, aperitif and every moment of the day. The furniture and decor were recently renovated but they remained loyal to the 1927 Gerla’s style. The Cafeteria of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 88 is a point of reference for all of those who love to eat and taste high quality products in the setting of one of the most fascinating Turin’s historic Café.


C.so Vittorio Emanuele II 88, 10121 Turin

Phone: 011/545422

La Croisette
of Gerla 1927

La Croisette it’s an historic local in the Turin’s neighbourhood “La Crocetta”, La Croisette was born in the 20’s as a gastronomic butcher shop, also including the spaces that are currently the well-known shop “Maison Papier”. A decade later, in the 30’s, a renovation occurred and it was given the current appearance, also two shops were born, which one of them became a
cafeteria called “Caffè Felice”.

From that moment on La Croisette was always know as an elegant centre of turinese’s innovation thanks to the visit happened in the 60’s of the Mulassano’s “Tramezzino” inventor who brought the homonym sandwich, and also thanks to the Mele’s management who rumor says used to rise the volume of the music when the shop reached a certain taking.

Later on, there was the Gonnella’s family management, and then the Scudiero’s followed, during which it is said that Scudiero senior used to prepare the croissants smoking his inseparable cigar.

The following management was entrusted to Maurizio Fattori, who made the Croisiette’s aperitif famous, but in 2016 the management passes to Roberto Munnia, patron of the historical turinese group “Gerla 1917”, forerunner of piedmontese quality through all Italy since the dawn of time.


Via Arsenale 23, 10121 Turin

Phone: 011/5682710

Cafeteria, Restaurant, Pizzeria
of MondoJuve

Inside the new shopping center MondoJuve, inaugurated in September 2017, Gerla 1927 has created an elegant cafeteria and restaurant that, in addition to the specialities which made the mark famous in Turin and Piedmont, proposes a fanciful selection of Pizze Gourmet. Ancient wheats stone grinded, extraordinaries raw materials from all parts of Italy, real and true “gems” that are able to make Pizza a complete sensorial experience, wait for you in Gerla 1927‘s Cafeteria and Restaurant of MondoJuve.


Str. Debouchè, 10042 Nichelino TO

Phone 011/545422

Teatro Alfieri’s Cafeteria

Since the end of October 2015, the historical Gerla 1927 group makes its entrance inside the Vittorio Alfieri Theatre of Turin in the elegant foyer of the structure. On show occasions, the Cafeteria will serve refreshments studied specifically by the Chefs and Gerla’s pastry Masters, who
contribute to bring to the Theatre the great quality of piedmontese’s aperitif and patisserie.

It’s a matter of a sodalice born in the scar of great collaborations between different historical turines realities, which highlights the growing importance of the mixture between culture and catering quality.

Inaugurated in 1855, the Vittorio Alfieri Theatre rises in Piazza Solferino 4 and it is considered to be one of the most important Theatre of Turin, besides Regio and Carignano.

To give additional prestige to one of the most well known civic institutions it was chosen the Gerla 1927 group, leader in the turinese patisserie and restaurant sector for almost 90 years.

With huge kermesse organized by Teatro Stabile Privato “Torino Spettacoli” and the reconnaised quality of Gerla, the new season is forecasted rich of 360 ° shows, from the ones on the stage to the ones behind it, orchestrated by great professionists of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 88.


Piazza Solferino 4, 10121 Turin

Phone 011/5619986